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Master the Italian language in the heart of southern Italy.

The Harvard Summer School Program in Calabria, Italy will catapult you forward in your study of Italian, covering one year of language study in eight weeks, whilst immersing you in the natural beauty and cultural vibrancy of Southern Italy.


Program Structure

The program includes six weeks in Reggio Calabria, a small but animated coastal city located just south of the Strait of Messina, and two weeks in San Demetrio Corone, an idyllic village nestled in the mountains, yet still within sight of the Ionian Sea.

You spend mornings in the classroom reviewing the structures of Italian and working to raise your cultural awareness and refine your reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Afternoons will be dedicated to creative projects that both hone these skills and aim to foster engagement with the local community. To maximize your progress, you sign a pledge to speak only Italian for the duration of the program.

Major excursions include visits to Scilla (where the Greek myth of Scylla from Homer’s Odyssey originates), Stilo (home to a ninth-century Byzantine church), and Tropea, which is renowned for its reef-lined beaches, turquoise waters, and fine weather. Students can easily take advantage of the proximity of Sicily to visit such places as the Greek Theater at Taormina, the Aeolian Islands, or Mt. Etna—Europe’s largest active volcano.

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