ITAL S-20X Study Abroad in Calabria, Italy: Mastering Italian through Artistic Expression (34408)

ITAL S-20X counts as one full-year course (8 credits) of degree credit.

Adam Muri-Rosenthal       

8 credits UN, GR Limited enrollment.    


This course uses the communicative method of language instruction to provide a structured review of grammar comparable to that offered in third- and fourth-semester Italian at Harvard. Students are assigned real-world tasks that facilitate the use and concretization of advanced grammatical forms. Reading skills are developed through engagement with excerpts from the literature of the Italian Mezzogiorno, such as the journalistic crime nonfiction of Roberto Saviano, the memoir of Elena Ferrante, and the mystery novels of Andrea Camilleri. Students also plan, shoot and edit a documentary video project which requires them to interface with the local community and culture, utilizing and refining oral communication skills during both the production (subject interviewing) and critical evaluation phases. The course provides over eighty hours of instruction in eight weeks.

Prerequisite: Harvard students must have completed Italian 10 and 11, or Italian 15, or received the equivalent score on the Harvard University placement test. Other students must have completed one year or one accelerated semester of college-level beginning Italian.